Sunday, 10 April 2011

Watercolour Cards

More cards, but using watercolours this time. One for an engagement and one for a wedding.

I nearly gave up on these as they were quite hard to do. I was just trying to do a wet-in-wet, very simple idea - just let the colours blend. Only they didn't! They just either stayed put or flooded together. Initially I was wetting the paper first, then adding colours, but later on I tried it with just putting paint on dry paper. I still ended up with a young flood most of the time, but I made a useful discovery when I was about to give up and put my stuff away. I got a tissue and dabbed at the pools of wet paint so as to be able to put my stuff away quickly, and the result on the dry paper trial was good! So, I drew out two more sets of two hearts and tried it that way. Here you can see the results.

Not outstanding, but a great deal quicker than stitching a piece for a card and I've also learned here that Permanent Rose leaves a bit of a tide mark around the edges, (which you can see quite clearly on these photos.)

Other than that, art is not progressing much at the mo. Too many interests waxing and waning. Mostly waning these days!!

PS. I've just come on blog and discovered a load of nice comments I'd never seen on previous postings. Thank you all very much for taking the time to visit and leave suggestions and encouragement. I have now changed the setting so that comments are e-mailed to me as they are on all my other blogs.=) Now, keep 'em coming!! (And a special thanks to Sheila for signing up as my first